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I'm Garrett Gehle 


 I am a web developer who also specializes in developing automated solutions.

I envision a world where all of humanity on Earth has access to clean food, water and energy autonomously. This will allow energy to be focused towards exploration of the deep ocean, space, jungle and cave systems we have barley scratched the surface of.


2022- 2023

SAVI Controls


Throughout my journey at SAVI, donned various hats, each contributing to my growth and expertise. I began as a System Test Specialist, where I swiftly excelled in developing automated testing. Quickly moving to a product management position, however, I soon realized that my true passion lies in the realm of development rather than organizational decision-making and daily clerical work. This insight prompted me to transition into a Developer role, where I thrive on tackling diverse frontend and backend challenges for our existing product. Additionally, I actively contribute to the creation of innovative new products adding an element of excitement to my work. My time at SAVI allowed me to channel my skills, creativity, and dedication toward crafting solutions that drive the company's success and make a positive impact on users.


Charged Particles

QA Engineer

After finding the beauty of Web 3 open data structures I joined the Charged Particles  decentralized autonomous organization or DAO as a QA engineer where I manually tested new builds and developed automated QA systems

Charged Particles was unable to monetize and eventually ran out of funding during one of the deep ETH crashes forcing me to find other work.


CP is still active with a core team and building towards their ultimate vision 

Learn More about what Charged Particles is doing at Charged Particles at



Genuinely Great Information Technology

Owner/ Operator
Started a web development company to support artists and other small businesses.

We offer all-in-one web development and marketing services for our clients.


Learn more about GGiT at



Remote Technical Support

Provided technical support for multiple businesses and State government agencies while going back to school


Real Geeks

Customer Support / Marketing Manager
Fantastic company Real Geeks focuses on providing everything Real Estate agents need to succeed. I worked with them to support their clients daily needs then moved on to the Marketing team focusing on driving traffic to clients sites with Google and Facebook advertising.


24-7 In-Touch

Team Lead

Worked as a team lead for Netflix customer service. This sparked my interest in Front end development.


KNTU FM 88.1

On Air DJ 9am-12pm

Fun job at the UNT college Jazz radio station 

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